As it turns out, not having class means I’m actually worse at finding time to write.

My life the last couple weeks has basically consisted of one day of class a week, the occasional trip to the gym, and one trip to the library with some article reading thrown in here and there. So, I’m left contemplating why the h*** I haven’t updated my blog in, oh, I don’t know, ages. I distinctly remember there being a few funny stories that I thought were worth sharing with the world, but when I sat down to write the first one I thought, I’ve actually heard this story told far too many times by my travel partner (in crime) with my dignity taking the blow. Suffice it to say, that story will not be published. I will, however, give you a brief insight as to what that story entailed.

For the record: The ending was different.

Now, in an effort to inspire my writing for the next week or so, I have decided to list off the Top 5 (in random order) Summer Holiday moments for you all. Hopefully, this will also hold me accountable as far as writing about them goes.

  1. Seeing my Lil Sis and her Lil Bitty
  2. Magic Mike with the Village Women
  3. Sitting in AMAZING seats at the Twins game, a night out at The Local, and stealing Big Ginger glassware
  4. Lounging on the lake with some of my best friends, being the omniscient one at dinner, and the boy-scout-juiced bonfire with s’mores
  5. Cotton Candy Floss send off at the Cafeteria, and the photo booth at Williams

And of course, the best part about being home was seeing my puppy. And my family. That was nice too. 😉

If any of you are like me at all, you will somehow always find a theme song for your vacation. Although “Call Me Maybe” certainly struck a chord with my weekend in Chicago, I think the song which made the best case for being awarded the title of Kaitlin’s Summer Holiday Song is…

“Some Nights” by Fun.

Since I’ve already posted that video on here in the last month or so, I won’t do it again. Instead, I present to you, the runner up:

If that doesn’t work for you US folk, here’s a different link which should: Take a Little Ride

Ta Ta For Now!



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