The Goings-On during the Final Push

Things happening in Aberdeen lately include:

  • I found out out my DC placement was cancelled, so now I’m waiting to hear where RGU will send me next. I’m hoping for somewhere warm since it will be in the middle of winter.
  • I booked a hair appointment here in Aberdeen, the first one since moving here 19 months ago, because my summer highlights have dried out my poor ends. I will be documenting the before and after in case I need evidence later on.
  • I’ve been immersing myself in my research and evaluating all my sources. This has been the most tedious task and it’s causing me to do some excellent procrastinating.
  • Brandon and Sarah are back to gather their things before leaving again next week.
  • I paid off the rest of my balance for Work The World and Sri Lanka. As of right now there will be four other girls in the house while I’m there. Hopefully, it’s a nice little group.
  • I’ve been trying to decide where I should maybe take a trip after I finish my placement in February.

Things not happening in Aberdeen lately:

  • Me having a social life.
  • Me eating regular or balanced meals.
  • Me going to the gym as much as I meant to (to be fair, this is due to an injury, but I should really get back to it).

So, yeah, my life has been less than exciting lately. But, I’m trucking on. Hopefully, things get a bit more exciting in the next couple weeks… you know… when I have time for a social life again.

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