Gym Rant

I started going to the gym again.


I am not a gym-going person. I do not like going to the gym. I’d rather do physical activity as part of my daily life outside… or in a yoga studio.

So, this whole going to the gym thing is not something I usually partake in or truly enjoy.

Upside, I have gym buddies this time around. I love my gym buddies. They are encouraging and supportive of my sad effort to be a gym person, but they also laugh with me when some aspects of gym life become just too absurd to maintain a straight face.

Here’s the thing though, I don’t get addicted to the feeling of being physically fit. I was raised in a team sport life. I measured fitness by my ability to fully participate in a particular sport. It was never about being fit or losing weight. My favorite sport was/is volleyball. I’ve tried to return to playing volleyball more times than I can count. I love that damn sport. Here’s why it doesn’t work though: I’m too competitive–I can’t just casually play volleyball, I’m injury prone–my body seems to reject the idea of being physically active (as evidenced by my quad injury one week into returning to the gym).

I’ve tried to take up sailing and yoga in exchange for volleyball, but it’s not the same.

One thing about going to the gym that I do like is the sore “I worked hard, but not too hard” feeling I have the day after. Particularly my soreness today, after jumping back to the gym last night after my quad injury, it wasn’t quite as much of a shock as it was three weeks ago.

As much as my undergraduate and graduate studies focus on physical activity and fitness, I find I still have to clarify that I am not a gym person. But I don’t have to be a gym person to be physically fit. I feel like that’s something that a lot of people have a hard time understanding. So, I just wanted to put it out there to the world, that even though I’m making an attempt to be a gym person leading up to my departure for Sri Lanka in November, it’s not necessary when it comes to being physically fit.

Rant complete.


One thought on “Gym Rant

  1. I agree with you! You don’t have to be a gym person to be physically fit! I was spending my evenings in the gym last year 4x a week — I was a gym rat, and yes, I lost a little weight, but not the amount that I thought would occur. So, I thought to myself: I have no life and I see these people almost every evening/night. Why am I doing this when I can be outdoors getting my exercise some other way? Now my problem is, I’ve been bad about being outside — work’s too demanding and makes me too tired to do anything else and I’ve got other family responsibilities, but I’ve determined: I do not like the gym lifestyle at all. And I don’t believe I ever will. I’ve tried it too many times and I hate it. Walls don’t work for me. Rant complete.

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