Looking For Direction

This blog has been all over the place recently and it’s starting to kind of drive me nuts (See: Kaitlin is OCD).

I started this as a place to update family and friends on my life here in Scotland. Then I brought in some old posts about my previous travels and added some new ones. I thought, Hey! Why don’t I make this a travel blog? Then, I realized I have more random crap to write about when I’m not traveling. So I threw that in. Then I had some random beauty/materialistic moments that I tossed into the mix.

THEN I thought, What the hell have I done to this damn blog?

I have no direction at all. And with no direction, do people even care what I’m writing about?

I don’t have a huge “readership” but for those of you out there who do keep up, do you have any suggestions or preferences?


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