Re: Organizie

Before I left Minnesota for Scotland, I cleared out at least half of my closet. What remained either went to storage at my dad’s or made the trip across the Atlantic with me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take it all to Goodwill before I left, so it’s sitting in the corner of my old closet at my mom’s house. Why she never took it away after I left, I’ll never know, but I do know that it just gives me another reason to borrow her van and make a trip there myself when I return to Minnesota at the end of December (I don’t think it would all fit in my tiny little car).

Now, notice how I said “another reason” to go to Goodwill? Yeah, I have purchased a lot of clothes over here. In part because I’m female and in part because I like what’s available here better than at home. Suffice it to say, it’s going to be hard to return to a mall without Warehouse or Zara. Anyway, I’ve already censored my closet here substantially, but I still brought a lot of clothes with me when I went home this summer and I know I’ll be sending some home before I leave for Sri Lanka. So, when I get home at the end of the year, I’m going to have some serious weeding out and organizing to do.

Lately, I’ve been gathering inspiration over at A Pair and A Spare : Wardrobe Rehab and an article from InStyle magazine that I actually posted here a while back that directs us crazy clothes collectors through the tedious process. Of course, I’ll have to get all my belongings into one room in order to truly sort things out, so this might have to happen after the chaos that is Christmas.

Here’s how I’m anticipating all this happening, step-by-step:

  1. Take pile #1 of clothes to Goodwill so I’m not tempted to resuscitate any old pieces.
  2. Get all my clothes in one place… Likely the basement at my mom’s house as it’s the biggest area that doesn’t have regular human traffic (regular dog traffic, a.k.a. Maddie, yes, but not humans).
  3. Sort, sort, and sort again. I’ll probably go through items first by type of clothing, e.g. pants, tops, coats, shoes, etc.
  4. Try it all on. If I wasn’t sure it fit in step #3, this will be my chance to figure that out. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t stay. If it can be altered, it is set aside for a consult with my seamstress, a.k.a. my mom.
  5. Figure out what’s classic–what’s likely to be worn on a weekly basis and work with almost everything in my closet, and keep it handy.
  6. Put the “keep” items back in the closet. Here’s where I’ve always found I’m a bit different from most girls: I like to organize by sleeve length for shirts and hem length for skirts. Since I tend to layer a lot this works for me. It might be time for me to organize by color, though, since it’s helpful to know what colors I gravitate toward and work best for my style.
  7. Give the closet one, last once over for off-the-mark pieces (this week, anyway) before taking the discard pile to Goodwill.
  8. On a spare afternoon (those exist, right?) I’ll go through and try to put outfits together so I know what’s available to me. From there, I imagine I’ll try to make a list of items I might need to really solidify my big-girl wardrobe.

But let’s not forget that as OCD as I am about organizing, with barely two weeks at home between Sri Lanka and my last placement, it’s doubtful that I’ll be able to truly get through the whole process, unfortunately. But, I’ll take what I can get.

Anyone care to share what your classics and wardrobe staples are? I’m looking for a bit of inspiration…


One thought on “Re: Organizie

  1. Well, you have the plan…I’m a planner too. Sometimes everything gets done. Sometimes…not so much. The closet/wardrobe thing is a challenge, I know…but, you’ll get stuff done. Sri Lanka…the countdown begins…

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