Sri Lanka Day 6: Nothing a Little Sparkle Can’t Fix

Sometimes your day is just not going to go as planned. It’s a fact of life. It won’t necessarily be bad, but it won’t be good either. And when that happens, you just have to get on with it. If you can’t change your situation, change your attitude.

Today was my second day at the hospital and my last day for the week. I was looking forward to spending the morning in the neurosurgical ward and the afternoon in outpatients with a designated mentor. But it didn’t quite turn out the way I planned. The nurses on the ward were on strike so not much was happening except chest physio (not my favorite). Then I was reminded this morning that our language class was rescheduled for this afternoon. Then it was cancelled… but not until after I had to leave a note for the boss man (because I couldn’t find him anywhere) to let him know I wouldn’t be in the clinic in the afternoon. I felt really guilty leaving a note to say I wouldn’t be in in the first place. Then, I felt guilty for not going in after the class had been cancelled. But I took the opportunity to go into town for a wander with my roommate in an effort to snap me out of my semi-disappointed and guilty-feeling state of mind.

Just getting into the hustle and bustle of town picked my mood up. It’s funny how a situation I found so daunting just a few days ago now provides me comfort. We ventured into one of the markets to visit the Pants Man. The girls in the house would not stop going on about this man and his shop and his amazing pants and fabrics. And now I know why. The pants he sells are smocked at the waist, harem-style-ish, come in any fabric you want (all cozy) and will only set you back about $10 a pair. One size truly does fit all. Not to mention, he will make custom shirts and pants based off clothes you already have for the same $10 price tag. Jackpot!

But the true cure for my off day was a trip to see the sparkles (jewelry). Sri Lanka is known for its beautiful gems and I knew before I came here that I wanted a piece of jewelry to be my main souvenir from this trip. So, on our sparkle adventure I found two rings that I liked, but just didn’t have the heart to pick just one. Neither one was exactly what I wanted, but together they had the things I loved. What would I do?

Why, ask to make a custom piece, of course.

When the jeweler confirmed that what I had in mind was possible and well-priced, I decided I’d have a serious think about it. My roommate and I both had some thinking to do. So we went for tea, to visit the aforementioned Pants Man, and to visit other jewelry shops to make sure we were happy with our options. Two hours later, we returned to the shop to finalize the details and put down a deposit. In two weeks, I will have my very first piece of self-purchased, precious jewelry. I don’t think I could possibly be more excited.

Mood lifted: Sparkle level.


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