Sri Lanka Day 11: I don’t feel like I’m falling up against the sky. Let’s grab the light of the world and turn into the light.

Last night I was on the phone with my dad and he mentioned to me that he had been trying to field questions from people about where in the world I’m planning to settle once I finish my time in Sri Lanka. As this question has come up on almost a weekly basis since July, I’ve developed a strategically vague answer: Your guess is as good as mine. I’ve spent some evenings sitting on the ledge of the rooftop patio here at the house just looking around me, trying to figure out what I really want out of my life when I’m done with my degree. So far, here on this serendipitous island, it’s hard to leave the beauty of the present moment.

Today, I had my first Sinhalese language lesson. To say my mind is boggled would be an understatement. My supervisor at the hospital thinks the language lessons are pointless.  He says that it’s impossible to learn much in five weeks and whatever I do learn I’ll never use again. Nevertheless, I have a list of phrases that I’m excited to practice and use if the situation warrants. I got a few phrases to use in the clinic, so hopefully I can prove the worth of my lessons to my supervisor sometime in the next couple weeks. According to my teacher, I have good pronunciation, but I think I sound like an idiot because I’m fighting every urge in my body not to use Latin pronunciations.

I think the concept of settling is complex. I never want to settle with myself. I want to continue learning and growing. The problem is that I’m not sure I can do that if I choose to geographically settle. It must be the inner nomad in me.


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