Sri Lanka Day 11.5: Clean Laundry

(Like the rest of the world, I’m not perfect and missed posting this entry before the official Thanksgiving update)

I’m starting to get into the swing of things here in Kandy. I have my morning and afternoon routines. I know where I’m going on my lunch break to get a cheap but tasty meal. I’ve learned to time my hand washing with my “hired” washing so that all my clean clothes are ready at the same time and my wardrobe is full of available options. However, I haven’t quite figured out the computer room schedule in the post-grad center at the hospital, nor can I remember the Internet cafe in town I was first directed to. Unfortunately, those are a bit of an urgent matter as I am slated to be giving an in-service presentation on Friday and all I have at present is my tiny little pocket physiotherapy guide. Nevertheless, I feel like I’m settling in relatively well. It’s actually weird to think that I’m almost done with my second week in the hospital and only have three more to go here in Kandy.

I have been having the weirdest dreams lately, though! Just last night, I dreamt about a defunct trip to Las Vegas, a blue dress, and some other weird concoction of circumstances that, if nothing else, would make a great screenplay. I did draw the dress though, so maybe I can make it when I get home and walk around saying “this is the dress from my dreams.” I think I’m going to blame all the spicy curries, or at least the drastic change in my diet these last two weeks.

Today has been a bit of an emotional day as it marks Bob’s birthday and the start of the holiday season at home. While the obligation to eat four full turkey dinners is not a part of this holiday I like, the privilege of surrounding myself with such amazing people is something I miss. It’s been a crazy year with lots of highs, but not having Bob around to share in them or make inappropriate comments about them makes it bittersweet. However, I am following through on his last demand from me. I am returning home. I have no doubt that, even if he is not physically here to do it, he would find a way to come after me with a bat if I didn’t return home.


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