Sri Lanka Day 13: And So The Countdown Begins…

I am absolutely loving the time I’ve been spending in Sri Lanka. There is so much life on this one little island. I was reading today that Lonely Planet has named Sri Lanka the top destination for 2013 and I think they hit the nail on the head. It’s so different from everywhere else, but still familiar enough to world travelers to keep from being completely unknown territory. I’ve been learning a lot about the last couple hundred years here and it’s amazing to me how a population can survive the changing of settlers, colonists, rulers, governments, and tides. But after two weeks in the hospital getting to know the spirit of the individuals, it doesn’t actually surprise me. These are resilient people. And while I’ve always thought of myself as generally resilient, I certainly hope some of the locals’ spirit will rub off on me.

As of today, it is one month until I return home. I’m not quite sure it’s enough to squeeze everything in that I want to, but it certainly still leaves time to make new discoveries. This weekend, I am headed to Nuwara Eliya (sounds like New Aurelia) to do some more exploring of this beautiful island. Tea plantations, hiking and sightseeing are in the cards as well as, hopefully, more delicious food.


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