Sri Lanka Day 16: And Then The Rain Came

There are somethings I just don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand about different cultures and areas of the world. Scotland left me guessing until the very last day. And I have no doubt that Sri Lanka will do much the same.

Before I came here I vigilantly checked the pattern of monsoon seasons to figure out what type of weather to be prepared for. From my research, I had determined that my time here coincided with the end of Kandy’s main monsoon season. Unfortunately, my research didn’t account for the fact that sometimes Mother Nature likes to show up fashionably late. So, in the last couple days the rains have come with no signs of showing mercy on the poor, muddy hill leading up to our house. No mercy on the hill means no mercy on the power supply to the house either.

I have officially put to use the two headlamps and flashlight I brought with me to Sri Lanka. I thought it might have been a bit overkill, but I knew I would have rather been safe than sorry. So here I am, having navigated my way to bed with my head lamp, ready to fall asleep to the steady whisper of the rain on the roof and the warmth of the clouds which have descended on our mountain-top perch.



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