Sri Lanka Day 17: Water In All Forms

Torrential rain in this area of Sri Lanka means having to navigate small landslides around nearly every hillside bend. It also means taking advantage of the dry weather any chance you get. So, on this Poya day, I took the opportunity to explore a bit of the outdoor Kandy scene before the heavens opened again this evening.

I naturally gravitate toward bodies of water, so living hours from the coast in the middle of the island meant it was time to seek out the town lake. Although Kandy Lake is not the most exciting or the cleanest lake, it’s still a lake with fish, birds and the occasional boat. There is also a small island which, as legend has it, is where a past king kept his concubines.

I’ve also been trying to gather Christmas presents for my family over here so a bit of shopping was in order. Unfortunately, some people are more difficult to shop for than others (see: parents). However, I have managed to cross about half of my list off and I’ve been doing an excellent job at finding gifts for myself.

We rounded out the evening with a traditional Kandyan dance performance at the Cultural Center. Although not as loud or intense as I expected, it was fun to see some of the traditional Sri Lankan costumes and to watch some of the men walk across hot coals.

It was nice to have the day off today, but I’m excited to get back to the busy hospital and figure out what the next two and a half weeks will bring.



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