Sri Lanka Day 18: The Work The World Chemist is Now Open

Some days in life are eventful, yet uneventful all at once. Today was one of those days.

Everything seemed to start off on a bum foot: bad dreams, unsatisfying breakfast, and a spell of light-headedness early in the work day. I just couldn’t seem to get anything to go the way I wanted it. From lunch, things seemed to stabilize. I suppose there’s a reason these Sri Lankans believe in the nurturing powers of rice and curry.

While the evening did not completely redeem the morning, it did lift my mood. The four of us girls in the house channeled our OCD tendencies and health care knowledge into the organization of the spare and left-behind medication bag. Now everything is organized by type of medication or supply and stored in little plastic baggies to make them easier to search out. We even put them in an “official” box and made a sign for it. I’m sure the housekeeper here thinks we’re nuts, but is also appreciative of the effort. No one can say for sure though.

I’m excited for bed tonight, but I’m hoping my curry-induced nightmares will be curbed eventually. They are making for tiring mornings.


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