Sri Lanka Day 19: Curry and Cocktails

Unfortunately, my curry-induced nightmares have not yet subsided. After two weeks of this, I’m growing a bit fed up. Still, I can’t seem to stay away from the curry. It is just too delicious to pass up.

Today, I ventured into the world of the medical wards here in Kandy. With all the time I’ve spent in hospitals over the last few years as a patient, visitor and physio, I thought there was very little that could shock me, but today my un-sterilized breath was knocked out of me. It’s hard for me to believe that hospitals still operate like the way they do here. I thought practices like the ones here were abandoned in the mid-1900s. But for the people here, this is normal and acceptable. So, when my educator today asked me to explain the differences in practice between Sri Lanka, the US and the UK, I tried to come up with my best diplomatic answer. Who am I to tell these people what they’re doing is wrong? They’re surviving everything just fine, so why should I mess with their way of life.

In fact, it’s moments like those today when I’m reminded that I’m here to learn. I’m not here to change the world one hospital at a time. Do I occasionally feel the duty to impart my knowledge of better practices? Yes. Do I? Sometimes. But I think, as with all my other travels and adventures, it’s important to remember that I am the guest here–not the other way around.

This weekend marks the three-week countdown to my trip home. I’m excited that things have gone so well thus far, but I’m sad to be losing my roommate. We arrived here together and have done a lot of our exploring together. Who will be around to drink random cocktails with me?

Once again, I’m hoping for a night without nightmares. These past two nights, there has been no curry on the dinner table. Here’s hoping that spells a bit of relief for my last early morning of the week.


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