Sri Lanka Day 23 & 24: Partners In Crime

The beginning of the week always seems to fade into one big span of time that passes too slowly for my liking. Still, the amount which I manage to accomplish on those slow-moving days may be considered remarkable to some. Unfortunately, though, my productive week has been tempered by school setbacks and odd sleep patterns.

Nevertheless, the new arrival to the house is another physio student and makes for a good partner in crime. While many of the students who pass through this house seem to have very hands-off experiences at the hospital here, we are subjected to a very hands-on experience that is both mentally and physically draining. No wonder they take two hour lunch breaks! So, although my roommate has left, I can confirm that I do, in fact, have someone to drink random cocktails with after a long day of chaos. And, as an added bonus, I now have someone who understands my random physio jargon. Win-win if you ask me.


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