Sri Lanka Day 25 & 26: So Long, Farewell

This week in the hospital turned out to be a relatively short one. Rainy days and early weekends meant that this week was not as physically exhausting as previous weeks. Having another physio student with whom to share the load at the hospital also helps.

Outside the hospital, I indulged in lots of ice cream and a few drinks. In my most touristy moment here thus far, I purchased a saree. I have no idea when I’ll actually be able to wear it, but it’s a beautiful teal and gold color and, if I want to, I can make it into something beautiful for my future home. For now, though, I like the idea of displaying it in a box frame or on a dress form.

As this week was also particularly hot and humid, there were also many power cuts. By the time Wednesday’s power cut came around, it was also time to begin saying goodbye to another housemate. It excellent form, I donned a headlamp, we lit candles, and we used all the remaining ice to create a silly night of cocktails and Monopoly Deal.

This week has made it feel both like I’ve been here for a while and for barely any time at all. I have only two weeks left after this weekend and only one of them is in the hospital. I think the concept of “senior-itis” is beginning to take hold of me.



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