Sri Lanka Day 30 & 31: Winding Down

My last couple days in hospital this week have been relatively low key. There were the regular outpatient clinics that had been dampened by rain and then a trip to the rheumatology ward that was very low stress, but full of interesting physiotherapy-related discussion.

At the house, we were finally able to have a barbecue on the roof. The food was delicious and a welcome departure from all the curries I’ve been eating. One of the staff even made banana fritters at my request, which completely made my night.

This weekend, while we’re all away, Work the World is moving house, so I’ve spent a bit of time trying to get my things in order. It doesn’t help that, at the same time, I need to pack for our Ayurvedic week away. It’s all very confusing when I have to decide what goes in which bag and which bag goes where.

Things are winding down here in Kandy. It crazy how fast the time has gone. I feel like I only just left Scotland to head off on this adventure.


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